Purchasing & Card Payments and Purchase to Pay Solutions Conference 2015 “The Information Exchange”


Conference Overview:

Payment Cards of all descriptions still provide a most efficient purchase to payment method for both buyers and suppliers. Efficiencies have to be found, accountability and value for money are essential, Payment Cards ticks all those boxes as a purchase to pay solution for delivering efficiencies, accountability, cost savings and transparency of transactions.

Previous conference research has shown that the practical aspects of sourcing, implementing and successfully running card payment programmes as part of the purchase to pay are which delegates are most interested in learning.

The conference agenda is based around these practical learning aspects to give delegates the unique opportunity to be informed on topics of empirical interest to them.

The Annual Purchasing & Card Payments and Purchase to Pay Solutions Conference provides a series of presentations and workshops presented by existing end users and solution providers. Delegates will hear from key end users from across several industry sectors sharing their experiences of sourcing, implementing and running successful programmes.

This will be supplemented by presentation and workshops from industry providers on the range of solution technologies that are increasingly in use for delivering efficiencies and streamlining organisations purchase to pay processes.

Presentations and Workshops agenda includes:

Building the business case for introducing P-Card and Lodge Cards programmes operating with leading proprietary ERP systems

Local Authority case study – operating a successful P-Card programme.

P-Card Payment transactions from SAP - UK retailers case studies Implementation of card transactions from SAP with major UK retailers

Prepaid Cards – Understanding the potential of prepaid to solve B2B and consumer requirements

University/Schools - Purchasing Card implementation and operation case study

Local Authority – Growing their programme by facilitating other public sector bodies to join them and implementing joint working initiatives and financial processes

e-Invoicing applications into SAP/Oracle

Public Sector – Working together for better efficiencies merging procurement and financial

|ssuers and Solution Providers transaction management programmes Mobile Acceptance Card Payment Technology applications

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